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Xinhua Mall, Gulberg

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Xinhua Mall - Yellow, Fashion Outfits
Xinhua Mall - Yellow, Fashion Outfits

Xinhua Mall - Yellow, Fashion Outfits

Xinhua Mall is a multistory business and entertainment center located at a niche point, Mahmood Ali Qusuri Road, Gulberg III, Lahore. Xinhua Mall got most of the brands related to your wardrobe and cosmetics. Exterior of the building is quiet inviting, parking area is neat but to small to facilitate the visitors.

At the front line, Dockers welcomes you, but if you are here for some food you can get yourself caught in Arizona Grill. Do try steaks here for which Arizona Grill is known as the Masters. Girls will find The Body Shop at the corner.

Once you step in, you will be confused where to go from here but don't worry and start burning some calories, and take some steps to Stone Age. Stone Age got a miniature shoppe while you step up. On the first floor you find Cross Roads, the famous fashion outfit brand, Ammar Belal, a fashion designer, and a stall of Swatch watches. Here you can also enjoy a glass floor fear factor.

Step up and find Yellow, the fashion brand, and Outfitters, the fashion outfit store. It will also get you attention that Outfitter got another outlet just cross the road. Fifthe Avenue, Cambridge and Next will also get you attention. Next has the largest of its outlets here in Xinhua Mall. Minnie Minors and some other brands are also exhibiting there outlets here.

Recently Xinhua Mall has been extended and new shops are being opened every day. You need to visit the mall before 11:00 PM to avoid closure evacuation.

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  1. Moeez Tariq
    Moeez Tariq
    hey everybody..can i get a number of nike outlet in xinhua mall?? or the number of xinhua mall so i can contact them and ask the number of nike outlet :)
    3 years ago · Reply
  2. Anie
    but no one did this knowingly... this was an accident. so why blaming mall for this ?
    3 years ago · Reply
  3. Munib Ur Rehman
    Munib Ur Rehman
    Can somebody tell me ... where can i find Converse Allstar shoes ??
    3 years ago · Reply
  4. Bilal Salim
    Bilal Salim
    My niece feel down from man open space on the third floor of Xinhua Mall on 2nd Jan 2015 . She has left for heavens now . Please keep your children safe by Boycotting this mall.
    4 years ago · Reply
  5. Ajk
    So sorry to here this.
    4 years ago
  6. Sara
    iwent to khaadi xinua mall.. the ladies standing on the counter doesnt know how to talk to the customer.. i felt so embaraced that i would never go to this shop ever again ... i was a regualur customer i bought soo many dresses i just need to excahnge the size and when i requested that lady she was soo rude that i think khaadi should train their emploies to talk to customers ...
    4 years ago · Reply
  7. Wadee
    Are football shoes available here ??
    4 years ago · Reply
  8. Umar Aslam
    Umar Aslam
    4 years ago
  9. John Anderson
    John Anderson
    I guess now they hire new management in xinhua and they guys are Very reasonable and well educated especially The new Mall Manger Muhammad Haseeb Khan I was really very pleased to meet him
    5 years ago · Reply
  10. Aamir
    right. but not now.
    6 years ago · Reply
  11. Ahmad
    The Inner parking of mall is not safe.Once my car mirror is damaged and secondly my mono of Mercedes is pulled out but guards show totally unconsciousness.Please mark some responsible personalities.
    6 years ago · Reply
  12. Adeel
    i like xinhua mall, shops and everything but the management there is illiterate, untrained from top Ex Director to down please avoid yourself to work with the management
    6 years ago · Reply
  13. Aniee
    yes i agree, the managment is NOT good there.........messed up not good service to customers !
    5 years ago
  14. Mir
    Is There any official Adidas store?
    6 years ago · Reply
  15. Arooj
    Is the mall remain open on Sunday?
    6 years ago · Reply
  16. Raihan
    6 years ago
  17. Ayesha
    Can you tell me if lahore has the brand named "mango"
    7 years ago · Reply
  18. Esha
    Yes, there is a shop in defence were the whole shop sells Mango clothing
    6 years ago
  19. Afnan Shah Khan
    Afnan Shah Khan
    not as yet but yes Karachi has it and teh shop is in dolmen mall karachi sea view
    6 years ago
  20. Ahmar Mustafa
    Ahmar Mustafa
    A complete list of brands in Xinhua Mall will help alot, you must add it also.
    7 years ago · Reply