Why Domino’s Pizza is unpopular

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Domino's Pizza, M.M. Alam Road Lahore

M.M. Alam raod is the most popular road in Lahore and is mainly popular for its food points. Driving by the Blue Mall, on can't avoide to put a sight on the Domin's Pizza in night. Although Dominos is quiet popular in rest of the world but unfortunately they didn't get the attention of Lahoris alot. I myself eat a pizza for the first time and was wondering myself, how come I never made Dominos a choice for so many years.

The service boys looks tired and unwilling to do the job all the time (Pardon). The one who served me was not surprised to hear that I never visited them before. But he did know the reason. Lack of advertisement and no attempt to get the attention. I don't see any billboard or banner by The Dominos for long time.

The sitting arrangment is cluttered and looks cheap. Also some lazy guys, like me, won't like to loose calorise by gettign up to the sitting place by stairs. The place is not huge, like the name of The Dominos. Taste is not bad but you can get a better place to sit, taste and quality of servie by spending less at Pizza Hut, that what I think atleast.

Dominos has 3 branches in Lahore. M.M. Alam Road, Link Road, Modal Town and Y-Block, DHA. You can Call at the universal access number 111-366-466. We hope that Domino's get better soon, if they don't want to be vanished.

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