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Tollinton Market

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Tollinton Market
Tollinton Market

Tollinton Market

Tollinton Market Sketch
Tollinton Market Sketch

Tollinton Market Sketch

Tollinton market now, but a shadow of once remarkable structure , is locate to the east of the museum, across Public Library Road, was the exhibition hall. The first major exhibition of the produce and products of the province was held here in 1864. The original building, modeled after the prevalent bungalow design, utilized encircling verandahs with sloping tiled roofs supported on simple wooden posts.

The main exhibition hall, with a length of 112 Feet, rose above the verandah roof, its pitched roof with gable ends, sporting an array of dormer windows for bringing natural light into the hall. Two square towers rose 12 Feet above the roof of the main hall, supplementing the natural light entering the central section of the hall. After the transfer of the museum collection, the building was handed over to Lahore Municipal Committee. In the 1920s the building was remodeled as a market by the famous municipality engineer, Rai Bahadur Sir Ganga Ram, and became known as Tollinton Market, after H.P. Tollinton, Secretary Punjab Government.

Its recent rehabilitation and restoration, in view of the images available from publications such as The Illustrated London News, have been welcomed by conservationists.

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  1. Hannah Tollinton
    Hannah Tollinton
    The market was named after my Great Grandfather. There's no G in Tollinton.
    6 years ago · Reply
  2. Faran
    this is (TOLLING TON MARKET) not tollinton market
    7 years ago · Reply
  3. Lahore360
    @Farhan, thanks for this information. We found both names Tollington and Tollinton popular on web so we posted one of it. We will look into it for further changes. If you have some authentic information please do share with us.
    7 years ago
  4. Saqib Munir
    Saqib Munir
    i belong lahore ,,, my base now in uk , but i miss my city loots ,, thanks 4 people how made this side
    8 years ago · Reply
  5. Shireen
    beautiful parrorts are avaliable here
    6 years ago
  6. Lahore360 Team
    Lahore360 Team
    @Awais, please email your pictures to submit[at] Thanks
    9 years ago · Reply
  7. Awais
    sir we have some more pictures available for Tollinton Market. Can you plz upload them?
    9 years ago · Reply