Punjab University Website Hacked

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Punjab University Website Hacked
Punjab University Website Hacked

Punjab University Website Hacked

On Wednesday evening May 19, 2011, website of the largest university of Pakistan was hacked by some Pakistani hackers. The main page of website was hacked and defaced and hackers claims that data of website is secure and only main page has been changed.

It was also very interesting in a way that hackers got some intentions behind this hacking. The cause was to spread awareness to "SAVE HEC". Higher Education Commission (HEC) is known to be a valuable asset of Pakistan as HEC has supported thousands of Pakistani students for higher studies within and out of Pakistan. If we, the students of Pakistan don't take any step to save HEC, The HEC will be another victim of political game of selfless politicians.

check the hacked page of Punjab University Website;
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  1.  Itechwhiz
    Nice Posting Lahore360 Team! The website was hacked late night. I thought I was too quick to report it around 05/19/2011 01:45 AM PST, but you had posted it even a DAY ago. Bravoo! Lolz.., Kidding.., no offense! And yes, as an awared and concerned citizens, we should support HEC as a national institution and should play our role to save its intergity and usefullness.
    8 years ago ยท Reply
  2. Lahore360
    @Itechwhiz we do appreciate your concern and kind comment.
    8 years ago