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General Post Office, Mall Road

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General Post Office
General Post Office

General Post Office

General Post Office Sketch
General Post Office Sketch

General Post Office Sketch

The General Post Office or GPO is one of the several buildings built by British, have been built in 1887 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The GPO dominates one end of The Mall near Anarkali. It is the first British-period building in Lahore which has been restored. The GPO underscored the necessity of documentation and conservation of historic architecture in the city’s downtown area. During the mid-1970s, the original brick work of the GPO had been damaged the application of colour crating having destroyed its original features, resulting in an anonymous and no-descript prospect.

The main tower is located at the junction of the two wings and rises well above the corner towers as an enormous battered element. The tower is crowned by a large hemispherical dome, defined by buttress-like elements; it carries enormous clocks on four sides. The General Post Office reflects a mixture of European and Mughal styles. It is heritage monument and still the main post office in the city.

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  1. Fauzia Ahmad
    Fauzia Ahmad
    Parcels ki custom checking GPO me hoti haiya koi or office hota hai.?
    2 years ago · Reply
  2. Lubna Khurshid
    Lubna Khurshid
    I want to seek permission for the visit to GPO Lahore along with a number of students .Please correspond on the given email address Thanks
    3 years ago · Reply
  3. Ali Sheikh
    Ali Sheikh
    go to their senior or write to post master genral, if no reamdy , track the man and complaint in anticorruption department or ombudsmen.
    3 years ago · Reply
  4. M.munir
    I opend an ordinary saving account in post office, R.A. bazar lahorecantt branch on 27th,April,2013. Inspite of repeated reminders and personal contacts, as yet i have not been issued my saving book. How is the working of general post office, lahore,i cannot understand. I do not know who will read it and take the action..Responsibility ?
    5 years ago · Reply
  5. Sheharyar Mateen
    Sheharyar Mateen
    GPO ki contact info to detey yaar !!! history likh chori he, anyone can get it on a single click, contact details do !!!
    5 years ago · Reply
  6. Akbar Sher
    Akbar Sher
    yeh to poray PAKISTAN ki kahani hai janaab....!!! karain agar kuch kar saktay hain?
    8 years ago · Reply
  7. Amna Akhtar
    Amna Akhtar
    i want to write complaint about post office near moon market lahore employees. i went there to make postal order. they said to me that they will make postal order if i give extra money to make it. they were asking for rishwat. i saw postal orders in front of me. but they told me that they are finished. i said to them that blank postal orders are in front of them but they replied if i can give them rishwat then its ok otherwise i go to GPO. i had to post my job application but because of them i could not. please do something. if you dont do people will lose credibility. thanking you in anticipaation.
    8 years ago · Reply