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Food Street, Fort Road

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Shahi Qila Food Street Lahore - Jharoka Inn
Shahi Qila Food Street Lahore - Jharoka Inn

Shahi Qila Food Street Lahore - Jharoka Inn

Food Street, Gawalmandi was the most visited and preferred place for a food junkie for more than 50 years. More than 100 traditional food points were providing satisfaction to taste buds of Lahoris. Until, it was decided to relocate the old food street to some more convenient place in Lahore.

One January 22, 2012, Mr. Hamza Shahbaz inaugurated the revived Food Street alongside the wall of Shahi Qila Lahore. 1.2km long this V-Shaped food street was specially redesigned to fulfill the traditional look of Desi Food points. Many historical buildings were renovated to make the outlook of food street balanced. Archetectures and interior designs put special efforts to enhance the environment with historical masterpieces and lighting.

The Shahi Qila Food Street is no doubt has become the most interesting place for food lovers. Thousands of visitors enjoy dining here with extraordinary outdoor dining experience. One can enjoy B.B.Q, Haleem, Lassi, Gool Gapay, Fried Fish, Biryani even every desi or Chinese dish one can wish.

After the dinner, people don't forget to enjoy a walk inside the Shahi Qila. Entrance through Roshni Gate is open for visitors all day and night to enjoy the mesmerizing atmosphere in front of Shahi Qila, Badshah Masjid and Baradari. You can enjoy riding the Horse-Bagghi. Keep kids in special care, as these horses don’t understand human words.

Average cost of dining per person is around 750 PKR, and it will take not more than 15minutes for your order to be served. Don’t worry about which point to select among numerous. Every point has something good to offer.


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  1. Arif Ahmed
    Arif Ahmed
    Which restaurant on food street Fort road are good and economical
    4 years ago · Reply
  2. Faizan Tahir
    Faizan Tahir
    Any specific place to visit? How are the price rates?
    5 years ago · Reply
  3. Asad Ali
    Asad Ali
    Food street is ow-some place to visit for those who love Desi Food at one place.. Recommended !
    5 years ago · Reply
  4. Jenna
    It elaborate the Mughal architecture is straight out of a storybook of the Mysterious East. The Fort is rectangular in shape and is situated in the north western corner of Lahore, adjacent to the Walled City. It has 13 gates. Here are some really good photos;
    5 years ago · Reply
  5. Bob
    Food street has great food. You need to go on a rooftop restaurant to see one of the most beautiful sights in the world. The food is fabulous and the view is even better.
    6 years ago · Reply
  6. Haroon
    i so want to visit food street, can we still have Phaja Paya and Rauf Restaurants tawa chicken over there? can i take my family over there and how safe it is?
    6 years ago · Reply
  7. Lahore360
    @Haroon, Food Street is a safe place to visit with family. You may find Phaja Paya there on request.
    6 years ago
  8. A. M. Sulehry
    A. M. Sulehry
    Dear All, We welcome you all to Fort Road Food Street, Lahore, I am a restaurant owner namely Jharoka Inn, please come and enjoy our quality food.
    7 years ago · Reply
  9. Bonzi
    Hi Lahore 360 I haven"t tried the new food street yet ; thanks for the review. Perhaps - you can incorporate your personal experience of all the places you upload on the site to give a more authentic experience for the reader e.g. recommendations of restaurants on food street. Non the less - great site I must say. All the best ! Bonzi
    7 years ago · Reply
  10. Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan
    Awesome place for spending summer with quality food. Definitely If I will go to Lahore definitely I will visit this place and try some spicy dishes :)
    7 years ago · Reply