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Finding Qibla Direciton in Lahore

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Qibla Direction using Magnetic Compass
Qibla Direction using Magnetic Compass

Qibla Direction using Magnetic Compass

Qibla Direction using iPhone 3GS
Qibla Direction using iPhone 3GS

Qibla Direction using iPhone 3GS

We often find ourselves in nature or in another place where we don't know the geographical orientations. For Muslims, this can be a source of distress because when you don't know the appropriate orientation for Al Qibla, one feels uncomfortable to perform their prayers to an arbitrary orientation. The "Qiblah" is the direction towards which the Muslim prays. This direction is towards the Kabaa in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. We will explain here how to find the qibla direction in Lahore.

Location of Kaaba :
  • Latitude: 21.4225
  • Longitude: 39.8262
Direction of Kaaba from Lahore:
  • 260.527164 Clockwise from True North

Finding Qibla Direction Using Magnetic Compass

To find Qibla Direction using a magnetic compass, hold the compass in your hand in such a way that the north sign is coinciding with the marked pointer. Now the Qibla will be in the direction of 260 clockwise from North. Or, if you are facing toward North, holding the compass, then rotate clock wise or anti-clock wise until the compass is pointing in the direction of  100 E. You are facing toward Qibla now.

Finding Qibla Direction Using iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS has build in magnetometer which can be used to find any direction. Open the iPhone Compass application and face toward the arrow. Now rotate yourself until it shows 260
W. You are facing toward Qibla.

Finding Qibla Direction by Shadow of Sun

It is not advisable to determine Qibla using compass specially for Orienting Masajid. The following method which uses the sun is more reliable. It has been observed for centuries and reported in many books by Muslims around the world that two times a year the sun comes overhead above Ka'bah. This is observational fact for centuries, and is used to set the correct Qibla direction in places far from Makkah by Muslims for last so many centuries. Those two dates and times are:

  • May 28 at 2:18 PM Pakistan Standard Time
  • July 15 at 2:27 PM Pakistan Standard Time
When you are facing towards the sun at these times, you will be facing the Ka'bah giving you Qibla direction, because if there were a very high minaret over Ka'bah reaching up to the sky, then you will see it just like you are seeing the sun.

Weblinks to find Qibla Direciton

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  1. Haider
    what is the difference between true north and magnetic north from lahore, punjab, pakistan for qibla direction
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  2. Zaheer
    Download facility should be there for easy access for Qibla Sharif Thanks
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  3. Syed Mohammad Afzal Fatmi
    Syed Mohammad Afzal Fatmi
    It use full for accourate demarcation of Qibla Direction of Masque. Afzal fatmi (Surveyor)
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