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Fazal Sweets, Mochi Darwaza

The founder of the Fazal sweets migrated from Kashmir to Lahore in 1933 in search for a better future for him and his family. He was utterly skilled in the art of Sweet making and his speciality was “Pethay ka halwa” which he introduced in Lahore for the first time and became an instant hit among the sweet lovers of Lahore. He opened his shop in the famous Mochi Derwaza which used to be open for only two days in a week and would only sell Pethay ka Halwa. He then moved on to expand his range of work and introduced some of the most exotic flavors in sweets which are still captivating sweet lovers all over. A must visit place if you have a sweet tooth which needs some satisfaction.

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  1. Taufeeq Ahmad
    Taufeeq Ahmad
    Please koi humko yeh bata de jhajarya kis sweet ko bolte hain
    4 weeks ago · Reply
  2. Amina
    What a nice and heart touching commercial
    one month ago · Reply
  3. Taufeeq Ahmad
    Taufeeq Ahmad
    Yaqeen nhi ho raha hai ke aisa add bhi ban sakta hai Jo Aankh me ansu le aae Dosti film deekh kar bhi rona nahi aaya tha is add ko deekh kar to Ro diye Wah Baldev ji or fazal chhacha
    one month ago · Reply
  4. Taufeeq Ahmad
    Taufeeq Ahmad
    What is the number of fazal sweet
    one month ago · Reply
  5. Taufeeq Ahmad
    Taufeeq Ahmad
    Aankh me aansu aa gae àaj tak kisi film ko deekh kar Ankho me ansu nahi aae is Add ko deekh kar Ankho me ansu aa gae Heart touching add kabhi Lahore gae to mochi gate jakar fazal chacha se zaroor milenge or jhajarya Zaroor khaenge in sha Allah
    one month ago · Reply
  6. Praveenkumar
    just saw the AD by Google .....Awesome is it True story ?
    2 months ago · Reply
  7. Zainsajid
    What is the number of fazal sweets
    3 months ago · Reply
  8. Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan
    rula diya yaar
    4 months ago · Reply
  9. Ali
    4 months ago · Reply
  10. Sh Haroon
    Sh Haroon
    me eid per Lahore ja ker yousaf Chacha ko zaror milo ga
    4 months ago · Reply
  11. Sh Haroon
    Sh Haroon
    wa yar ankhon me anso a gae kia dosti he
    4 months ago · Reply
  12. Wajid
    so Gooood For my life
    5 months ago · Reply
  13. Faheem Qamar
    Faheem Qamar
    boht aala add banai hay,,, ankho mein aanso aa gay dosto ka pyar dekh kar... Allah pak sab ko esa dost day,,,, Or jin k Dost hoon Allah un ki dosti ko hameesha qaim rakhy Ameen
    6 months ago · Reply
  14. Asif Saddique
    Asif Saddique
    Fazal chacha
    6 months ago · Reply
  15. Hamza
    yousaf chacha and baldeev g....what an emotional add, brought tears in my eyes...Why our politicians are so damn. if u guyz are still alive be happy and keep smiling
    6 months ago · Reply
  16. Sheryar Sheikh
    Sheryar Sheikh
    Super ad by google... i am also yearn to explore fazal sweet..and enjoy delicious candies and so on.
    7 months ago · Reply
  17. Prabha
    Yousuf bhai, r u really there? Tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. I want to visit fazal sweets and eat jhazariya. I m from India. if i order sweets is it possible to send me sweets to India please?
    9 months ago · Reply
  18. Ahmed Bugti
    Ahmed Bugti
    very nice and heart touching story
    9 months ago · Reply
  19. Ali
    Heart touching commercial is that story true???? Im from pak
    9 months ago · Reply
  20. Hardeep
    yeah! true
    8 months ago
  21. Ankit Gupta
    Ankit Gupta
    yusuf bhai...touching heart story ....:-) and thanks google to show all this,
    9 months ago · Reply
  22. Dr Vipul Khira
    Dr Vipul Khira
    Yusufbhai fazal sweets da jawab nahi.Send me the list and price menu of fazal sweets.I am sweet lover from Mumbai.Thanks.
    9 months ago · Reply
  23. Rachit
    bhai yusuf uncle bhi h kya yahanm par....
    10 months ago · Reply
  24. Zubair
    fazal sb ye google m jo movie aye it true
    10 months ago · Reply
  25. Samun Dahodwala
    Samun Dahodwala
    Sorry, forgive my auto corerct ... I meant to say ... I hope your business is BOOMING .... That is .. I hope it is doing well. Best wishes. P.s. Did they pay you to use your name in the ad .... I have watched the ad 50 times .... It is a lovely ad ..... I hope it leads to real friendship between Pakistan and India. Good luck.
    10 months ago · Reply
  26. Jamky
    fazal sweet ki kya hi bat hy . zindadilan lahore ki pechan fazal sweet ki dukan
    10 months ago · Reply
  27. Riya Mukherjee
    Riya Mukherjee
    fazal sweets is a nice and a beautiful sweet shop near mochi gate in lahore it sweets are so delicious i loved specially the jhajariyas it was good Keep it up!!!!
    10 months ago · Reply
  28. Pb
    This shop covered in this ad -
    11 months ago · Reply